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: n. establishing a state of being that effects various facets of life such as, but not limited to, emotional, economic, environmental and academic well-being.

Covidity is a collaborative photo series made with my daughters during their school closures in response to the outbreak of Covid 19. When I started work on the project, in the summer of 2020, the girls were ages 7 and 10. By the time we concluded, they were each a year older. The series of images is an attempt to visualize our curiosities, and conversations with one another over the countless hours we spent in each other’s company as we navigated this extremely trying time in our symbiotic lives, when we found ourselves restricted from movement, but not from thought.

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected communities all around the globe. While some have been affected more than others, we’ve all had to reimagine the way we live with creativity, resilience, and hope. With that in mind, the series hopes to provoke contemplation in the viewer over aspects of the human condition during this period in our collective history. Themes in the images that may come across to viewers include isolation, fear, despair, hope, resilience, maternal love, and maternal ambivalence. 

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