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I am a South Asian American photographer, born and raised in New Delhi, India. My professional life began in the financial sector but assumed a creative direction after I became a mother. Both my daughters were born in Dubai, UAE, where my husband and I lived for six years before our relocation to the U.S. in early 2013. Presently, I have a self-directed practice and work from my studio at home in New York City.

My interest lies in exploring the emotional dynamics in familial relationships and how that shapes the human experience. My work is rooted in the identities of woman and mother, and the transformative impact these roles continue to have on my view of the world.
I earned my master's degree in Commerce from The Delhi University, New Delhi, India; and am an alumna of the
School of Visual Arts Continuing Education, NYC.


Thrive Together Network Virtual Residency, Feb 2023

Artist/ Mother Podcast Virtual Residency, Feb 2022

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