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  • Shweta Bist

Motherhood, Art, and a Pandemic

Essay about Mothering and Art-making, published by the Museum of Motherhood in JourMS Issue 7 2022: Creativity for a Cause

I have a constant beef with Time. I don’t like how every second becomes history in a flash. There are moments I don’t want to let go of, I can get that attached. So, I use photography to subvert the impermanence of Time and hold these moments for as long as I want.

One of my favorite places to be is behind the viewfinder. My daughters often refer to my camera as my third child. “Technically, she is my first!” I say. But they don’t find that funny. I have a burgeoning archive of photographs that document my daughters’ early childhood years- the years I spent being a stay-at-home mother. Lately, it has been rather difficult for me to look at these old photos. Although the pictures are mostly of the children, they are also an account of my life. A testament not only to my presence in every ounce of their childhood but also a reminder of the invisibility of my being during that time.

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